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Actual Music?

2011-06-11 21:30:30 by TheUltamate

Believe it.


2011-02-10 22:14:23 by TheUltamate

Oh yeah, I 'recorded' a 'song' a while back and put it here. And it sucks.


2010-09-11 20:45:37 by TheUltamate

Behold, my new "band", GodFucK. It's like Bloodpuke but with needless capitalization of random letters and NO GUITAR AT ALL, only my rad aweXome bass and a crappy Yamaha keyboard made in the early 90s.

HavE fuN.


It's Giant Robot Time

2010-05-29 22:54:59 by TheUltamate

Don't expect anything productive to happen here. I'm mostly on Newgrounds for the sights (IE, crappy games, music, and videos), and I have no Flash (or any other program) talent.
However, my alt account Tötfleisch has fail metal on it. It does, feel its sting.

Dass ist alle. Töt dich jetzt, Arschkopf, oder ich werde. Ich werde Major Tom (Völlig losgelöst) jetzt hören.

It's Giant Robot Time